Homeschool Open House


Homeschooling is about learning, and for her new book, HOMESCHOOL OPEN HOUSE, Nancy Lande has selected real-life stories to help you learn what homeschooling is really like for families. Through in-depth interviews with a wide selection of homeschooling families, Nancy weaves a colorful tapestry of what worked and what didn't, what some would do differently if given the opportunity and which choices proved to be just right. But even more than a collection of personal stories and fascinating experiences, Nancy's book offers guidance for anyone considering the homeschool option: Read her insightful notes in the Introduction about The Journey and consider the questions you've been asking yourself, the preconceived ideas you've had about homeschooling. Then read the stories of families who put those ideas into action and see how the reality played out for them. Chances are you'll put this book down with a completely different perspective on the potential of homeschooling. Chances are you'll gain an understanding which will prove invaluable when faced with homeschooling challenges of your own. Such is the inestimable power of a book like this one.

Helen Hegener, Managing Editor, Home Education Magazine

"This new book of Nancy's is lavish&emdash;it's a feast of homeschooling worldwide and all around the United States. Like HOMESCHOOLING: A PATCHWORK OF DAYS, the interviews in this book help us all get a glimpse inside another family and see how they make decisions, move through their days, deal with ranges of ages of kids, experience vastly different situations, set in varied locales. Through it all we see caring families, putting in the time needed to raise good kids. And rather unique kids&emdash;kids who know quite a bit more of life than the standard fare of the world of television and the school yard. You'll be inspired, and you'll find yourself calling in your kids so you can read them aloud a chapter or two, letting them find new friends in the children in these families. . . . Home-schooling for so many of us was a real leap of faith&emdash;we had no idea how these kids might possibly turn out, as we had no road map to follow, and few stories from others who had gone the whole route and ended up with fine young adults on the other end. Now you can start hearing those stories&emdash;they are realities, not just dreams."

Susan Richman, Writing From Home, The 3 R's at Home, Math by Kids!


"This is a book of human resources&emdash;an intimate look at the way a wide variety families go through a typical day of homeschooling. It will help new homschoolers, old-timers looking for fresh ideas, and the just plain curious, to under-stand that homeschooling is a unique experience for each family and that there are many ways to succeed. Parents share realistic thoughts and reflections for the reasons they chose to homeschool or stop homeschooling."

Jean Reed, The Home School Source Book



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