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 Soup Wars
The Adventure Continues


Somebody just got taught to be a Soupeye. That person's name is SOUP. He has a shuttle that it's name is Soup Wing. The Master of the Dark Side made Soup's father into a person on the Dark Side with a dark suit. His name used to be Anika Soup Walker. His name now is Soup Vader. He goes on the Star Soup and the Soup Star. His planet's name is Soup Drink. His weapon is the Tomato Soup Can.

Soup Vader and Soup SoupWalker (SOUP) fight together with their tomato soup weapons.Tomato Vader is not machineable. He is tomato soupable because he has soup in him. His Master instead of making him electrical on the Dark Side made him soupable on the Dark side.

At The Return of the Soupeye, Soup Vader gets his eye poked and he turns to the Good Side yet the Master shocks Soup Walker and Soup Vader gets a shock by picking up his Master. He puts his Master in the engine and gets a shocked. Soup Vader dies but Soup SoupWalker burns his suit and there are ghosts. One of the ghosts is Anika SoupWalker. The other is Master Soup. He is Soup SoupWalkers Master. His Tomato Soup Can Weapon teacher is Ben Soup.

The End



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